The XL Rocket Stem for Fury Edge & Rogue
The XL Rocket Stem for Fury Edge & Rogue
The XL Rocket Stem for Fury Edge & Rogue
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The XL Rocket Stem for Fury Edge & Rogue

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Serious Cooling In A Dry Stem

Healthy Rips vaporizers have incredible portable power and while water is not always available when you’re on the road, a cooling solution is.

The XL Rocket Stem for the Fury Edge & Rogue (SE model and all previous editions) is a fun but serious piece of glass that’ll cool down your hits.

Tons Of Glass Beads To Cool It Down

The Rocket Stem has a unique design that succeeds in providing substantial amounts of cooling in a more compact design. The glass beads also helps to catch any small bits of flower before they can reach your mouth. Instead of hot vapour travelling from the oven directly through a stem and into your mouth, it’ll first pass through the slit screen and into the XL Rocket Stem where it’ll undergo the cooling process.

Tri-Coloured Bead Design

The XL Rocket Stem features a bunch of red, green, and dark blue beads that disrupt the direct vapour path to help cool things down substantially. That mass of glass beads themselves will also absorb a bunch of heat along the way which will also chill things down before the cloud hits your lips. The beads look super cool and they’re held in place by glass pinches before the mouthpiece.


1 x XL Rocket Stem for Healthy Rips Fury Edge & Rogue 

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