The Standing J-Hook
The Standing J-Hook
The Standing J-Hook
Sneaky Pete

The Standing J-Hook

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The Standing J-Hook has three legs on its bottom bend to keep everything upright when not in use, so your mouthpiece stays cleanly off your tabletop. 

J-hooks cool off and smooth out your vapour without using any water.  It’s basically an extended mouthpiece, and the added length and surface area remove more heat from your vapour as it passes through the glass. 

Not using water is more convenient and travel-friendly, and less of your flavourful terpenes will be removed because there isn’t any water filtration.

This J-hook fits not only 14mm but also 18mm vapes as it includes a FREE 18mm - 14mm reducer.

Key Features:

  • adds cooling without using any water
  • 18mm w/ 14mm slim fit glass adapter included
  • 3 legs keep pipe upright, mouthpiece stays off tabletop

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