Sneaky Pete Micro Bandit 10mm
Sneaky Pete

Sneaky Pete Micro Bandit 10mm

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The Micro Bandit allows you to water-cool your DaVinci MIQRO/IQ, Dynavap, and many other portable vaporizers on the go.

Its tiny size allows for easy transportation and a high degree of stealth, while still retaining the benefits of water cooling and filtration.  

Filling is as easy as holding under a tap, letting the Micro Bandit automatically drain to the proper level, and allowing it to dry, that's it!  

The vapour is much cooler and very satisfying when you add water filtration to your vaporizer, great for at home or on the go use.

Key Features:

  • 10mm female joint works with the DaVinci MIQRO/IQ, Dynavap, vape pens & more.
  • Filling is easy, with 10mm female joint facing down, place under a tap and fill with water, let it automatically drain to the proper level, then allow to dry before using.
  • Water conditioning really cools down the hits, allowing for larger and less irritating draws.
  • The Micro Bandit is tiny yet still provides satisfying water cooling and filtration for your favorite vape.


1 x Micro Bandit 10mm

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