Short Stop 10mm Water Piece
Short Stop 10mm Water Piece
Short Stop 10mm Water Piece
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Short Stop 10mm Water Piece

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The Shortstop Water piece is a catch for 10mm Enthusiasts

There’s not nearly enough options for those of us who really enjoy devices with a 10mm intake instead of always having to use an adapter with a 14mm piece. The Shortstop is coming in hot, modelled after our popular “The Buzz” water piece but designed for the 10mm crew.

Designed for Comfort and Usability

The Shortstop is formed from one pure piece of glass that makes it incredibly easy to keep your eyes on the action. Standing in at just over 6” tall, the Shortstop is slight but with a stable base that measures in at 2.5” in diameter. The 10mm joint itself is angled away from your face so your vaporizer will always be pointed away from you for safety’s sake.

This Percolator is Based

The intake feeds down that pure glass air-path to a straight 4 slit percolator that will provide the airflow you need to keep your clouds on the cooler side. Rather than the traditional, floating percolators, the Shortstop’s percolator is physically connected to the bottom of the piece for both additional stability and a low profile, letting you use a minute amount of water if you so prefer. The long, curved mouthpiece of the Shortstop is not only ergonomic, but it also gives you the liberty to rip on it hard without getting a mouth full of water.

A Perfect Water Pipe for DynaVaps

This is the perfect water piece for DynaVap enthusiasts, as it will fit many of them natively and the reservoir size is super appropriate for the device. The steady base is intended to make it stable on a table, but as the piece is petite, you’re more than free to take it wherever you may roam.

The Shortstop 10mm Water Pipe is the ideal solution for those who want to use their native 10mm devices with a water piece without using an adapter. 

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