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The Pipsqueak Water Pipe may be the perfect, straight up rig that can be used directly with your favourite DynaVap. 

The Pipsqueak takes advantage of that classic beaker shape (Science, bitch!) to provide stability through your usage as well as the best shape to hold a lot of water, 30ml, in a small package.  Standing 4.5 inches tall, this diminutive Water Pipe does an unexpectedly thorough job cooling down vapour.

The Pipsqueak has a female joint at a 45° angle so that your DynaVap will point away from your face.  The joint leads to a tube percolator for that classic bong chug. The mouthpiece is angled as well to help eliminate water splashing into your mouth and provides a super comfortable using position. 

The Pipsqueak has a 10mm opening that works great for a multitude of devices like the DynaVap and its iterations.

The Pipsqueak is compatible with the ever-popular DynaVap M, the VonG, the Extreme Q, or with any adapter that ends with a 10mm male joint.

The Pipsqueak, small enough to bring it with you, big enough to bring the heat down.


1 x Pipsqueak

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