Pass-Through Adapter
Pass-Through Adapter
Pass-Through Adapter
Pass-Through Adapter
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Pass-Through Adapter

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The Pass-Through Adapter creates amazing versatility for vaping through water.

It features a 14mm female & 14mm male pass-through adapter, with an added 10mm female adapter on the side.

As a multi-function adapter it enables you to:

  • Use the adapter with any 14mm male adapter.
  • Leave the 10mm adapter wide open for greater airflow.
  • Feather your finger on and off the 10mm adapter, acting as a carb to clear your water piece without needing to remove your vape from the adapter.
  • Use anything with a 10mm or 14mm male joint at the same time for double vaporizer use.
  • Use any 10mm or 14mm male adapter or banger.
  • Add the power of a DynaVap to your session to increase the punch.

With so many powerful uses, the Pass-Through Adapter is incredibly valuable for anyone who vapes through water.

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