Mega Globe Flat Earth Edition
Mega Globe Flat Earth Edition
Mega Globe Flat Earth Edition
Sneaky Pete

Mega Globe Flat Earth Edition

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There’s a new flat earther in town.

We’re happy to add a new, exciting piece of glass to the family, the Sneaky Pete Mega Globe – Flat Earth Edition. Evolving from its starter form, the popular and easily recognisable Mega Globe gains even more stability in this new version.

An added glass base is the standout feature on the new Flat Earth Edition.  The difference in stability really makes a difference.

Improving on a setup that already features a familiar and ubiquitous 14mm female intake that’ll let you use most adapters natively, the 4” round glass base adds 1” of height, which invokes a commanding presence along with the safety you’ll feel from the added weight and stability.  As the Globe no longer needs a flat bottom to its sphere, you’ll also be able to fill slightly more water in it than previously.

Like its predecessor, the Mega Globe - Flat Earth Edition provides incredible cooling capabilities powered by its massive water reservoir and free flowing airpath; you’re seeing the natural evolution here. The 14mm intake ends in a multi-slit percolator that delivers effervescence that would make Alka-Seltzer jealous. 

The Mega Globe – Flat Earth Edition is a must have whether you have its little brother or not.  


  • Flat base making the rig very stable
  • Very stable - can easily handle big vapes
  • 5.5" height, 4.25" diameter
  • Each joint is 14mm female
  • Versatile - use for vaping, dabbing or smoking
  • Includes whip and glass mouthpiece
  • Stereo matrix percolation

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