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Mega Cube

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Behold, the power of the Mega Cube! Nature’s miracle, the cube, has now ascended to the throne of our magnificent 'Mega' line-up. And oooooh does it put the mega into Mega Cube, with the largest capacity for liquid of any piece of glass we’ve ever produced, your vapour will be mega-cool and go down mega-smooth. 

The Mega Cube measures 12cm on each side, making it a beautiful and incredibly stable piece.  At this size, it can hold a tremendous volume of water, outdoing anything else we carry or have tried by a huge margin.  No lies, this bad boy can hold a staggering 900ml of water.  Combining the weight of that volume of water with the shape itself results in the most stable water pipe we’ve ever used.

On the outside, the Mega Cube features an industry standard 14mm female connection which is situated right up top for easy access.  Adding to this, the dual 14mm output joints mean that two people can enjoy it at the same time.  We’ve included both a glass mouthpiece and a whip, so you can buddy up right out of the box.

On the inside, we’re delighted to revisit the famous Stereo Matrix Percolator from the Mega Globe.  Making the percolator work inside a cube was no easy task, akin to building a ship in a bottle, but the abundance of bubbles you’ll enjoy in the massive internal space makes the effort well worthwhile.

We also include a Keck Clip to hold everything in place and even a 14mm glass stopper if you want to hit it by yourself. But we didn’t stop there!  The Mega Cube also features a beta tested 14mm downstem which adds an additional 10mm joint, just like on the Mega Globe Mk 2. Now you can use two vapes at once, or just use the smaller joint with the stopper to clear your piece like you would with a standard carb.    The design was challenging to engineer, and the stem will evolve over time, but it’s a solid piece and we’re including it at no cost to add more functionality to your Mega Cube.

The Mega Cube is our newest signature piece, and Pete’s stoked to offer this ultra-stable new staple for inclusion in your growing glass collection.  If it is good enough for the Borg, you already know resistance is futile, so add the power of the pyramid, err Cube, to your arsenal.


1 x Sneaky Pete Mega Cube

1x Whip

1 x Glass mouthpiece

1x 14mm Downstem with 10mm joint

1 x 14mm Glass stopper

1 x 10mm Glass stopper

1 x Keck clip

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