Sneaky Pete


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A unique combination of engineering and design come together in the form of the Sneaky Pete Defender Water Pipe, a crown style percolator filled with tiny holes and the Defender - the dark orb in the body of the glass. These elements work together to create a symphony of small cooling bubbles, all while keeping unwanted water from reaching the mouth of the user.

What does that mean for you? You can draw harder than with most water pieces this size, getting full, rich vapour, and the huge cooling effect of a much larger rig. It's the tiny bubbles, combined with the Defender (which does dual duty, both breaking up the bubbles even more, while ensuring no water reaches your mouth), that do the trick.

Standing at a sturdy 6” tall, the Defender features the Sneaky Pete logo and has a practical bolstered 14mm female to female joint. With its smart design, it delivers cooling far beyond what its stature might indicate. Cool design, cool vapour: The Defender delivers.

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