The UFO Pipe
The UFO Pipe
The UFO Pipe
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The UFO Pipe

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A futuristic design unlike any water piece, the UFO Pipe’s remarkable cooling function will give you an out-of-this-world experience with every session. 

Built on a stable cone-shaped beaker base, the UFO Pipe features a sturdy 14mm female joint and a large water reservoir for vapour conditioning. 

The base has a primary honeycomb percolator with a smaller secondary honeycomb above.  These two percs work together to shred through the thickest and hottest hits, leaving you with nothing but clean and cool vapour. 

The base is topped with a splash guard chamber, and the UFO Pipe has an angled sidecar mouthpiece to keep all the water down in the rig.

The UFO Pipe is an exceptional palm-sized water tool for vapes or dabs that is great for your desktop, a road trip, or a hiking expedition.  It doesn’t require much water to work, but it delivers knock-out rips that will leave you seeing stars!

Key Features:

  • 14mm female joint
  • very stable beaker base
  • dual honeycomb percolators
  • splash guard top w/ sidecar mouthpiece
  • 2.75" diameter 5" tall base, 6" height to mouthpiece

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