The Sci-Fi Rig
The Sci-Fi Rig
The Sci-Fi Rig
The Sci-Fi Rig
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The Sci-Fi Rig

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A new take on scientific glass for the vaping world! 

The Sci-Fi Rig brings together many of our favourite dab rig features to make a piece that’s perfect for all of your needs. 

Starting with a 14mm female joint, the downstem is reinforced and has a built-in dry catch to keep honey and debris from reaching the water reservoir. 

The Sci-Fi Rig is built around a 4-slit straight line percolator that adds cooling without having any impact on its easy draw.

The Sci-Fi Rig's beaker base is just the right size for stability, holding enough water to cool the hottest rips.  It's topped with an overflow tube that bends up and around the back, reconnecting at the rear of the base and making a perfect handle for the rig. 

The vapour uptake ends with a splash chamber and side-car style mouthpiece angled to keep any excess water away from your lips.  The joint and all tubing is reinforced for durability, plus the mouthpiece is flared for your comfort.

Key Features:

  • 14mm female joint
  • scientific style rig for vaping and dabbing
  • stable beaker base, bolstered joint and tubing
  • 4-slit straight line percolator, perfect cooling and filtration
  • 5" height to the mouthpiece, base is 2.5" tall by 2.5" diameter