Metal DynaVap Rest
Metal DynaVap Rest
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Metal DynaVap Rest

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Keep it simple. The Metal DynaVap Rest is designed to serve a single purpose - keep your hot DynaVap tips away from surfaces.

This is a great alternative to keeping your DynaVap stored vertically on a magnet.

There’s nothing complicated about how the Metal DynaVap Rest works, simply lay your DynaVap down on the metal stand to keep it from damaging anything.

Magnets don’t work as securely with some of the longer DynaVap stems, but you’ll never have that problem with this Rest. The Metal Rest will also contribute to cooling your tip down more quickly than when just the end of the cap has contact with a magnet.

The Metal DynaVap Rest is an affordable stand that will last forever and is a simple but highly effective solution to cooling your tips.


1 x Metal DynaVap Rest

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