J-Hook (14mm)
J-Hook (14mm)
Sneaky Pete

J-Hook (14mm)

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The Sneaky Pete 14mm J-Hook is the perfect accessory for anyone who is looking to cool down their intake without having to use water.

While water filtration is the most common method used to cool extraction air, it will naturally cause some flavour loss. When you are taking hits through 100% glass like the J-Hook, you’re able to enjoy full flavoured, cooler extraction air.

The J-Hook adds 7.5” of total cooling air-path to your device and this generous length will make a huge difference, regardless of what device you’re using it with.

The J-Hook includes a versatile 14mm female joint, so it will work with most water pipe adapters, as well as the Master Adapter which expands its compatibility even further.

Add legit cooling while maintaining peak flavour in a pretty package with the Sneaky Pete 14mm J-Hook.

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