Glow RCV 14
Glow RCV 14
Glow RCV 14
Glow RCV 14
Glow RCV 14
Glow RCV 14
Glow RCV 14
Glow RCV 14

Glow RCV 14

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The GLOW RCV 14 Vaporizer is a Rebuildable Convection Vaporizer (RCV) attachment for all common e-cigarette battery carriers (MOD) with 510 thread connection and at least 50 watts of power.

With the 14 version, the herb chamber is located in the base when using the wooden mouthpiece or when using the glass mouthpiece or WPA it's built into the glass.

Available in Purple Heart, Walnut & Mahogany.

Hand crafted with love & passion in Germany.


Product Specification:

● Power: 30-60 watts.

● Heating element: Kanthal wire, changeable.

● Materials: Wood, Stainless Steel & Glass.

● Mouthpiece: Wood & Glass.

● Diameter base: 22mm.

● Overall height approx. 70-75mm.



  • Adjust airflow through the ring at the base.
  • Pull out the mouthpiece and fill the herbal chamber loosely. Then put the mouthpiece back in the cover. Turn on the battery mod and set to 40-50 watts.
  • Press the fire button and inhale evenly for 10 seconds. Then exhale and repeat a second time.
  • If no vapour is visible when exhaling, the wattage should be increased by 3-5 watts, then this process is repeated until vapour is visible when exhaling.
  • If vapour is visible, check the herbs after a few inhalations.
  • If these are not yet brown you can continue the wattage increases by 3-5 watts until the herbs are brown and the taste takes on nutty/roasted note.


  • GLOW vaporizer (base with coils and wooden top)
  • 1 x Wood Mouthpiece
  • 1 x Glass Mouthpiece.
  • 14mm WPA (NS14 ground glass)
  • Pouch with Tibet pattern
  • Poker
  • Tweezers
  • Heating wires / coils
  • Sieve
  • O-rings




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