Wood Vortex & Simrell Stash Kit
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Wood Vortex & Simrell Stash Kit

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A perfect match. Take your sessions on the go with the Simrell Vortex & Stash kit.

Includes a beautiful Wood Vortex & Titanium Intercooler along with matching Simrell Stash.

The stash can hold any sized DynaVap stem (except for the VonG series), including a Standard/Short Vortex, and features a spring loader for easy retrieval.

Swivel the lid to access the storage compartment.

Available in Aromatic Cedar, Walnut & Purpleheart.

DynaVap Tip & Cap sold seperately.


1 x Wood Vortex with Titanium Intercooler.

1 x Wood Simrell Stash.

1 x Wood Wax.

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