Vortex Stem with Intercooler.
Vortex Stem with Intercooler.
Vortex Stem with Intercooler.
Vortex Stem with Intercooler.
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Vortex Stem with Intercooler.

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“The Vortex is a Supercharger for your Dynavap Tip and Cap”

The Vortex Stem by the Simrell collection has been engineered to not only improve the function of your DynaVap, but to additionally provide a more luxurious, high end appearance and next level on demand vaporization experience.

The Vortex Stem touts several unique features designed specifically to improve the function of the already most efficient and effective on demand vaporizer on the market today.

The Vortex, which is expertly machined out of medical grade titanium, includes a teardrop, offset airport. The offset effectively guides the airport air around the integrated fresh air isolation tube (creating a vortex around the tube) instead of hitting it broadside for a smoother draw and less restriction when clearing the vapor path causing a “blast’ of accelerated air when utilizing the airport.

The teardrop shape and sideways orientation of the airport assist in creating a more controlled gradual modulation making it easier to reach and maintain your specific comfort level helping provide cooler, more conditioned vapour.

Another feature of the Vortex stem is it has a unibody design, meaning it only needs the inclusion of the Dynavap tip and cap to function. As it comes, there are no o-Rings or removable parts to the stem, making the cleaning process as simple as soaking the entire device in Isopropyl alcohol and rinsing thoroughly in water afterwards.

…. and lets not forget to mention that the Vortex Stem not only functions like a suped up, high performance supercar but also has the looks to match. Designed with ex smokers in mind, the aesthetic is meant to mimic the look and mouth feel of an expertly rolled joint with the added benefit of making a perfect seal in any 10mm glass jointed water piece.

The Simrell Vortex Stem is a must have for anyone trying to take their Dynavap experience to the next level.

Also includes the new Intercooler accessory.


The Intercooler Accessory transforms the Simrell Vortex into a cooling stem made completely of medical grade titanium!!!

With the inclusion of the intercooler, not only will the fresh airport air be forced into a Vortex, but so will the vapor produced by your Dynavap Tip and Cap. The Intercooler significantly lengthens the vapor path as well as creates additional surface area for your vapor to come in contact with before inhalation, effectively producing cooler more conditioned vapour.

The Intercooler was designed to be a removable accessory for ease of cleaning and to add utility with the ability to transition from one vaping experience to another… all with the same device.

The Simrell Intercooler is a must have for anyone wanting to add versatility to their Simrell Vortex Stem.


NOTE: Purchase does not include DynaVap Tip & Cap


1 x Vortex Stem

1 x Intercooler


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