V2 Spikey Stems
Glass Charlie

V2 Spikey Stems

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NEW V2 Glass Charlie Spikey Stems are a must for any serious DynaVap fan.  

Now made with 1.5mm thick glass for greater durability when compared to the original 1mm thick stems.

They act to both cool and smooth out the vapour whilst increasing flavour using your favourite DynaVap Tip.  Compatible with both Stainless Steel & Titanium Tips. 

Currently only available in XXL size

Available both with/without a Carb Hole

Also available with/without 2 yoshi (green) anti-roll beads which act to both keep your stem from rolling around and also stopping the hot tip from touching any surfaces.

Just pop your DynaVap Tip onto the Stem and you're ready to go.


1 x Spikey Stem for DynaVap.

1 x Pop Top Storage Tube

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