The V.A.S. (Vaping Accessory Stand)
The V.A.S. (Vaping Accessory Stand)
The V.A.S. (Vaping Accessory Stand)
Sneaky Pete

The V.A.S. (Vaping Accessory Stand)

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Time to get organized?  Take a Stand!

The V.A.S. (Vaping Accessory Stand) is the perfect solution for your vaporizer accessory organization needs.

Batman himself would be impressed at the utility that the V.A.S. offers - with a large central storage area that is the perfect height for Q-Tips, a small storage area for dabbers or brushes, a larger storage area for your favourite DynaVap, and then a 14mm female joint to store your banger, adapter or even your whole vaporizer!

The wide, stable base means even a heavier vaporizer up to the size of an Arizer Solo 2 can sit on it in the 14mm joint with total confidence.

A must-have accessory for every vaping station, the V.A.S. will be your MVP in no time!

Key Features:

  • 3.75” base for increased stability
  • 3 storage areas of varied sizes
  • large central storage area perfect height for Q-Tip storage
  • 14mm female joint to store adapters or bangers
  • an easier way to load your flower bowl or cold start banger
  • the V.A.S. will keep your vaping station organized20.

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