The Spin-Doctor
The Spin-Doctor
Higher Level

The Spin-Doctor

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Introducing the Spin-Doctor, the first ever truly spinning DynaVap stem.

The Spin Doctor is a 2 piece design, the Spinning Cooling Chamber & Mouthpiece.

Spinning the chamber allows you to heat evenly and more effectively, producing clouds you've only dreamed of.

The spin allows for a stationary torch lighter flame and no need to rotate your wrist so they're perfectly suited to somebody with arthritic condition or wrist injury.

The mouthpiece is perfectly weighted to balance the stem.

We use the best bearing on the market, designed to work with no lube.  It’s ceramic and stainless and is replaceable.

HigherLevel is a 2 man show. Machinists by trade, we design and manufacture our products in house.  The inspiration for our products came from being obsessive about all things related to our hobbies.

Dynavap Tip & Cap not included.


1 x Higher Level Spin-Doctor 2 piece stem for DynaVap.

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