The Maraca Stem for DynaVap
The Maraca Stem for DynaVap
The Maraca Stem for DynaVap
Sneaky Pete

The Maraca Stem for DynaVap

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The Maraca Glass Stem combines many different cooling elements in one piece that’s convenient and comfortable to hold and use. 

The tip end is sized to fit any stainless steel or titanium DynaVap tip, and The Maraca Stem’s glass it thick and durable. 

Behind the tip is a shotgun carb to clear the entire stem with a massive rush to the head.  After the carb is a restriction point followed by an expansion chamber, causing even more cooling. 

The chamber contains 3 glass beads to further condition and cool the vapour, and it's enclosed at the backend by a pinch point with 3 pokes. 

Finally, 3 glass spikes agitate the vapour completely before ending at the mouthpiece, much cooler and cleaner than when it left the tip.

Key Features:

  • 100% glass
  • 85mm length
  • fits any DynaVap tip
  • shotgun carb at tip end
  • glass beads agitate and filter vapour
  • restriction point/expansion chamber adds cooling
  • 3 glass nipples finalize conditioning and complete cooling16.

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