The Jazz Stem for DynaVap
The Jazz Stem for DynaVap
The Jazz Stem for DynaVap
Sneaky Pete

The Jazz Stem for DynaVap

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The Jazz Stem adds silky-smooth coolness to your DynaVap sessions.

This is the most sophisticated glass stem currently available.  It is 6 inches long and features carbs at both ends, close to the tip and close to the mouthpiece. 

Between the carbs is a two-inch cooling chamber filled with 18 glass beads that condition the vapour by agitating its flow and adding more surface area to the airpath. 

The beads are held between pinch points on either side, so they are safely contained and will not come out of the stem.  Cleaning is very easy with a quick soak in isopropyl alcohol.

The Jazz Stem is one of the most interactive ways to use your DynaVap.  Carb the vapour before it cools, carb it after, both or neither, it’s entirely up to you.  No other glass stem gives you this level of control.

Key Features:

  • 6" length
  • 100% glass
  • 4 colours available
  • 2" cooling chamber
  • 18 glass cooling beads
  • 2 pinch points w/ 3 pokes
  • 2 carbs for total controllability

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