The Dagger
The Dagger

The Dagger

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The night is dark & full of terrors, and all you’ve brought with you is your Dagger. Luckily, it’s all you need. The Dagger will add a big slice of water cooling to your mobile rigs, while remaining very portable. 

This piece features an intelligently designed four slit percolator containing internal baffling that maximizes airflow while keeping the water securely where you want it.

Built with holding a lot of water in mind, the Dagger has a wide body, angled mouthpiece and utilizes effective drainage to keep the water out of your mouth, even when you’re really givin’ 'it all you've got. This device has great airflow, allowing you to get maximum pull from your vapes. 

The Dagger provides some of the best portable cooling that we have used and we're super proud to offer it to you.

Measuring only 6” tall, The Dagger is built ready for your 14mm male devices but will easily adapt to whatever you own with our master Adapter or something similar. 

Add to your arsenal with the incredible, portable, high-performance Dagger.

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