The Cold Start Microdose Dab Kit
The Cold Start Microdose Dab Kit
The Cold Start Microdose Dab Kit
The Cold Start Microdose Dab Kit
Sneaky Pete

The Cold Start Microdose Dab Kit

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This kit is a great introduction to the newest popular trend in concentrates - Cold Start dabs. 

Included is everything you need, a Cold Start Quartz Banger with super thick walls and a rounded bucket bottom/floor, a specialised Cold Start Carb Cap, and a Quartz Terp Pearl.

The traditional dabbing method can be rather involved – you have to torch your banger a long time, wait for it to cool down, and then measure the temperature or just hope the quartz isn’t too hot when you drop in your extracts.

Cold Start dabbing is EASY TO DO, fun, flavourful, very efficient with big slabs or microdoses, low-maintenance, and you experience the full spectrum of your material's effects because you capture vapour all the way up from room temperature instead of just the hotter temps with a pre-heated bucket like traditional dabbing. 

The process of Cold Start dabs eliminates the guesswork and gives you clean, very tasty, very potent vapour.  It leaves little residue and clean-up is a breeze. 

Begin with your Cold Start Banger clean and at room temp with the included Terp Pearl inside.  Place a little extract in the bucket, then torch the bottom of the banger until you see your concentrate start to melt and bubble.  Now remove the heat, put the special carb cap (also included) on top of the bucket, and gently hit through your water piece.  Wiggle the carb cap to stir airflow and move the Pearl around.  This will ensure efficient vaporization of all your material. 

When done, you can either reheat any leftover oil later or just Q-tip the residue out.  If you accidentally overheat and chazz the banger, don't worry about it.  Our Cold Start banger has super thick walls, you can blast it with a torch until the chazz burns away then let everything cool back down to use again clean.

All Sneaky Pete bangers are 100% pure GE semiconductor-grade fused quartz.  They're built to handle extreme heat.  They are 14mm male (the industry standard) plus the frosted joint finish keeps the banger securely on your rig. 

It may take a little practice to get your technique down, but soon you’ll be pulling thick and terpy dabs every time you light the torch.

Key Features:

  • 5mm terp pearl included
  • specialized cold-start carb cap included
  • 4mm thick wall cold-start banger included


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