Stash Tube with 4 x Jack Pods.
Stash Tube with 4 x Jack Pods.
Stash Tube with 4 x Jack Pods.

Stash Tube with 4 x Jack Pods.

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Transport tube in the form of a key fob, including 4 Jack pods with screw cap.

Fitting the 'Glow RCV 18' with Pod-Mouthpiece and 'The Weezy'.

Jack-Pod Capsule System Pods are ideal for easy handling of your herbs.

For on the go and everyday use, the pods can be prefilled with your prefered herbs and are at your fingertips at any time. The use of the Jack pods is comfortable, less obtrusive and also ensure a clean bowl. These dosing capsules can be conveniently filled with approx. 0.15 g.

Included are 4 x re-usable Jack pods!  These Jack Pods are provided with a screw cap and are resistant to deformation. Thus, they can be used again and again.

This air tight and lightweigth little friend holds all 4 jack pods.

Lock & Load them.  Put them in your tube and you're good to go.

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