Scorpion 14mm
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Scorpion 14mm

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The Scorpion allows you to take your water-cooled vapour experience on the go.  It has a 14mm female joint, so works directly with most of todays vaporizers. 

Filling is easy, simply hold under a tap with the female joint facing down. Fill with water for a few seconds.  The bubbler will automatically drain to the exact level needed. 

Vapour is much cooler and smoother when using a water tool like this.  


  • Provides substantial water cooling and filtration for your favourite vaporizer.
  • Stands approximately 12cm tall.
  • The Scorpion features a popular 14mm female joint.
  • Easy to fill design, simply fill with the label pointing downwards and the water. tool will automatically drain to the correct volume.
  • Spill resistant (not spill proof) design helps to minimize mess.
  • Use with any vaporizer adapter that features a 14mm male joint.


1 x Scorpion 14mm Female

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