Predator V3
Predator V3
Predator V3
Predator V3
Sneaky Pete

Predator V3

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The Sneaky Pete Predator V3 is a big upgrade on the original and V2 models.

The Predator V3 is a two-chamber recycler with a honeycomb perc that shreds thick hits.

After the vapour passes through the perc, it recycles within the piece, cooling down even the hottest and harshest clouds into easy-to-breathe, pleasant vapour, while keeping great taste and potency.

The base is stable, and the whole piece is 11” tall which makes it one of the largest recyclers on the market.

The new V3 Predator has been upgraded to a 14mm female joint, so now it fits more vapes and adapters naturally.

It’s also been optimized to improve water flow and cool vapour more effectively than ever before.


  • 11" tall
  • 14mm female joint
  • Your face sits back at a comfortable distance from the joint
  • Recycling action for much cooler hits
  • Great for dry herb or concentrate use.


1 x Predator V3 (14mm Female)

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