sneaky pete jellyfish pipe glass rig sat on sandy beach
close up of percolator of the sneaky pete jellyfish pipe glass rig
sneaky pete jellyfish pipe glass rig with mouthpiece removed
sneaky pete jellyfish pipe glass rig with mouthpiece removed sat on tree trunk
Sneaky Pete

Jellyfish Pipe

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A Heavy-Duty Rig with a Whimsical and Powerful Aerator

When we think of jellyfish, two things stick out above all others: how you have to pee on your leg to stop the pain if you’ve been stung, and how awesome their tentacles are. What you do on your time is on you, but we’ve found a way to harness the… tentacality of a jellyfish in our new Jellyfish Pipe. Unlike the fragile jellyfish, this water piece is heavy duty and was designed for those who take their tokes seriously.

Stable and Secure 14mm Connection

Offset from the main reservoir of the Jellyfish Pipe, you’ll find a heavily bolstered 14mm connection that leads to a 90° angle that continues down into the downstem.

Tall and Wide but Not Massive

Size wise, the Jellyfish Pipe is substantial, but not overbearing; measuring 9.5” tall with the mouthpiece attached and it sits stably on a 4” diameter base. The entire product has a nice, reassuring weight. The Jellyfish makes great use out of its size with one of the most unique shapes we’ve ever attempted with a percolator.

In a Jellyfish’s Garden Made from Bubbles

The glass jellyfish has six tentacles that extend deep into the depths of the reservoir resulting in amazing airflow tiny effervescent bubbles reminiscent of the finest vintages of Dom. The reservoir itself is quite generous, but you won’t have to fill it all the way up to get cooling from it, opening up the possibilities for a travel rig, if you travel with serious intent. 

The Jellyfish Pipe is finished with a removable 14mm mouthpiece that has a curve so gentle that you can use almost any vape in your arsenal with this pipe without going cross-eyed. 

We love this design so much, if you’re a heavy hitter looking for a versatile water piece with unparalleled water aeration and performance for days, give the Jellyfish Pipe a sting, err shot.

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