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The J-Hook is a simple piece that is designed to cool and smooth out your vapour, without the need for water.  

A J-Hook acts like an extended mouthpiece, it adds more length and surface area for the vapour to pass over, which reduces the temperature and cools the vapour down without having to run it through a water bubbler.

The J-Hook provides some of the same benefits of water without reducing the flavour or strength of your vapour.

Key Features:

  • Cools and smooths your vapor without the use of water.
  • Available in 14mm size for use with most vaporizers.
  • Acts as an extended mouthpiece by positioning the vaporizer farther away from your face, making it easier to use for those with vision issues.
  • Comfortable oval shaped mouthpiece, sturdy glass.
  • A simple and effective tool, great for almost any user.


1 x J-Hook

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