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The Globfather from Happy Daddy is a purpose built US GR2 Pure Titanium dabbing tool, designed for scooping up large quantities of waxy oils and concentrates.

Happy Daddy is making you an offer you can't refuse.  The Globfather, with it's uncanny ability to use heat from your device, will send the largest glob of essential oils down to sleep with the fishes (or to be enjoyed by you - whatever).

The beveled edges prevent scratches and maximise scoopage, making the Globfather the undisputed head of the family.  

The length of the tool gives you the ability to control how much of the good stuff you use, with the well at the back to collect any ahem-remains.

Product Features:

  • GR.2 Titanium Dabbing Tool
  • Approx 17cm in Length
  • Double ended for versatility
  • Compact and Portable
  • Specially designed for use with oils and concentrates


1 x Globfather Dab Tool by Happy Daddy

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