Dreamwood Punch Mini
Dreamwood Punch Mini
Dreamwood Punch Mini
Dreamwood Punch Mini

Dreamwood Punch Mini

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The Punch Mini is Dreamwoods portable home vaporizer.

Quadratic, practical, huge clouds of vapour in seconds.
Full flavour through convection technology.
Due to the extended vapour path and the curved glass mouthpiece, the vapour is ideally cooled.
The herbal chamber is tightly closed by a stainless steel sleeve when joining the parts and the two halves of the vaporizer are securely held together by magnets.
Curved shapes and wood with beautiful grain, as well as natural wood colours are trademarks of Dreamwood and so every Dreamwood vaporizer is unique!  
Produced in small numbers and unique in their form and colour.
Our vaporizers use a gas jet lighter (jet flame) to generate the hot air, which results in immediate vaporization of the selected material.
The body of the vaporizer is made of fine wood and polished. The glass air intake and the mouthpiece are made of high quality borosilicate glass, which is easy to clean and hygienic.
A large herbal chamber and additional fresh air supply, as well as a continuous and resistance-free air path make the Dreamwood vaporizer to the best of its kind.

The taste of the vapour is unadulterated and much more natural than with plastic vapes.

The entire airway is made of natural materials and you will not notice any odours other than the different wood species.

Many aromatic wood species are traditionally also used for aromatherapy purposes.

All materials used, e.g  O-rings are harmless to health (Silicon FDA regulations).

Comes with versatile tools, spare parts and wood care polish.  Walnut oil with beeswax is natural, seals and protects the wood and gives a new like shine always.

Spare parts and accessories included: screens, o-rings, lighter, vaporizer stir stick and woodcare polish.

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