Baby Bong V2 XL For DynaVap
Baby Bong V2 XL For DynaVap
Baby Bong V2 XL For DynaVap
Baby Bong V2 XL For DynaVap
Sneaky Pete

Baby Bong V2 XL For DynaVap

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Like the smaller original, the new Baby Bong V2 XL is designed to work with DynaVap tips so you can have water-cooled vapour wherever you go. 

It's one-third larger than the original and holds over twice as much water, so the hits are cooler and smoother. 

Fill your Baby Bong V2 XL up to about an inch (test to find the best volume for you) then put your DynaVap tip into the integrated downstem.  Now rock it back and forth while torching the tip, don’t completely spin it around. 

After you hear the click, take as hard of a hit as you want. 

This little beast can truly rip with the best of them without splash back  

Also including a perfectly sized shotgun hole that functions great for a smaller pocket-sized bubbler.

NOTE:  Our Baby Bongs have the Sneaky Pete branding, Not the Maple Leaf.


  • Use any DynaVap tip
  • Lots of cooling with just a little water
  • 4" tall x 2.5" wide.  Large stable footprint
  • Most convenient portable water tool for DynaVap


1 x Baby Bong V2 XL

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