Arizer Coil Stem
Arizer Coil Stem
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Arizer Coil Stem

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If you’re looking for a way to bring the effectiveness of water cooling to your Arizer vape without the water, look no further than the Arizer Coil Stem.

Vapour will travel through over 12” of coiled cooling glass before it reaches your appreciative respiratory system, this is more than twice as long as the standard Arizer stem so it provides a lot of extra cooling.

The Coil Stem also includes a carb hole, placed far away from the mouthpiece to keep your finger cool. By covering the carb, you can increase the draw resistance and the extraction speed, and once you've finished your draw you can use the carb to clear the stem. You can also leave it open to allow more airflow for a freer draw and cooler vapour.

Featuring a permanent glass screen for easy maintenance, the Coil Stem also has legs so it can sit on a table without rolling away. Add the Arizer Coil Stem to your Air 2 or Solo 2 for pristinely cooled vapour today!

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