Spikey Stems
Glass Charlie

Spikey Stems

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These Latest Edition Glass Charlie Spikey Stems are a must for any serious DynaVap fan.  

They act to both cool and smooth out the vapour whilst increasing flavour using your favourite Vapcap Tip.  Both Stainless Steel & Titanium are compatible.

They are 95mm XXL editions and include a Carb Hole and Coloured Anti Roll Bump.

Colours include: White, Green, Blue, Red, Orange & Pink.

NOTE: Colour of Anti Roll Bump varies but feel free to email us with your order number after your purchase, request a colour and we'll do our very best to accommodate you.

Just pop your DynaVap Tip onto the Stem and you're ready to go.


1 x Vapcap Glass Cooling Stem.

NOTE:  We recommend you lubricate your o-rings before inserting the Tip, being very careful not to use too much pressure.  

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